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Past Life Regression

Looking forward to another session with you in the relatively near future. Thanks again for all you do. Oh, did I say how very patient you are during a session, waiting to get a response and asking in another way when one is not obviously takes a special talent for that, you are very blessed with it. Your questions and willingness to wait for a response make the session so much better than it might have been otherwise.

T.E. - Rogers, AR

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Past Life Regression

First of all, I want to say, thank you very much! You are so very skilled in your profession as a Past Life Regression Therapist and you conduct the sessions with such compassion and thoughtful preparation. The fact that you are a certified hypnotherapist appealed to me and you are so very spiritual as well, and open to calling in any and all spiritual assistance in the process is a special gift.

B.L. - Dallas

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Have you ever considered Learning Hypnotherapy? Many people have an interest in studying hypnosis for a variety of reasons. This is an interesting and exciting career and there are many different paths to follow when you become a Certified Hypnotherapist. The primary goal of those who decide to learn hypnosis is to help people, and there are many different ways to help people when it comes to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I recall watching my father hypnotize people when I was young. Although I never thought this is where I'd be at this point in my life, I would not change a thing, even if I had a chance. My father once told me that I am doing what he really wanted to do. If he could have done whatever he wanted, he would have done exactly what I am doing. He did not feel he could support the family the way we were accustomed to, so he decided to continue his career as a physician. He enjoyed hypnotizing people at his office and at home, but hypnosis was not his career.

I work as a hypnotherapist and see clients for a variety of different reasons. While many people contact me about Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, I work with a variety of other challenges using more traditional hypnotherapy. These include hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress and anxiety as well as for performance anxiety, insomnina and relationship problems in addition to other challenges in life.

After years of experience working with clients I began to teach Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification Classes because the world needs more qualified hypnotherapists to help people make positive changes in their lives. Many of my Hypnotherapy students decide to learn about Past Life Regression after they become a Certified Hypnotherapist. Since Past Life Regression is an advanced area of hypnosis I only accept Past Life Regression students who are certified in Hypnotherapy.

My Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training have been approved by The Michael Newton for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Alliance Training Programs. These classes meet the educational requirements to qualify for Life Between Lives Training with the Newton Institute.

Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Certification Training is available in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans and Atlanta. Past Life Regression Certification Training is currently avalable in Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ, though it may be offered other locations in the future.

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Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

Mark is a Second Generation Hypnotherapist as well as a Second generation Past life Regression Therapist. His depth of knowledge has been acquired through a combination of training with the most well respected Hypnotherapists and his extensive experience facilitating these sessions.

He has studied with Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Gil Boyne, Ormond McGill, Paul Aurand, Roy Hunter, David Quigley, Randal Churchill and Gerald Kein, among others. Mark has traveled from coast to coast to train and attend hypnotherapy conferences as an attendee and a presenter.

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training students come from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Houston, Kansas and even as far away as Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Georgia, Virginia, and India. So it does not matter if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Austin or even Louisiana, Oklahoma or Missouri, Good Vibes Hypnosis Training is available to you.

Prior training in Hypnotherapy is not required to attend this training. It is not necessary to be a counselor or psychologist to enroll in this training. That said it is not uncommon for licensed professionals to enroll on our Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression training.

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This Hypnotherapy Training is presented by Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Center which is not licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Center has received an exemption from TWC, E-4434, and is allowed to teach this class in Dallas.

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Give me a call at 214-432-6624 for more information about this program.

Learn Hypnotherapy with this exciting Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and begin helping people make positive changes in their lives. The class includes classroom instruction and self directed study to qualify for certification. Good Vibes Hypnosis Training is available in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

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Past Life Regression

More than anything else, I was blown away by the overwhelming emotional connection that I felt to the experience. The joy and sadness brought about physical reactions that were impossible to ignore. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with another piece of yourself and to see that those you have close now will always be close because it's been that way for many years and lives before. Everyone should try this at least once. Thanks again!

H.J. - Oklahoma City

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Past Life Regression

Thanks so much. This experience changed my life completely. I can't believe I waited this long. I'm glad you are around to help people in this way. I cannot tell you how different I feel and for the fist time I feel I belong here and the world looks very different now. I never thought I would be able to talk to my guides this way.

S.P. - Addison