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Life Between Lives

Regarding the Life Between Lives Regression therapy the aftermath is like I can now remember many details of my past life. I guess once the door is opened then it remains open for me to enter any time. It definitely put a lot of questions to rest. Much appreciated!!!

T.M. - Dallas

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Destiny of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Past Life Regression

Looking forward to another session with you in the relatively near future. Thanks again for all you do. Oh, did I say how very patient you are during a session, waiting to get a response and asking in another way when one is not forthcoming...it obviously takes a special talent for that, you are very blessed with it. Your questions and willingness to wait for a response make the session so much better than it might have been otherwise.

T.E. - Rogers, AR

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Past Life Regression

Mark Johnson is beyond the shadow of a doubt a master of his trade as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. He helped me discover some very deep hidden truths I would have never have dreamed of on my own.

C.A. - New Orleans

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Past Life Regression

At first I thought I was making things up but I left with a feeling of love and gratitude to my guides and the violet light. I felt loved and cared for and very proud of the work I am doing. During my session I remember going in this big library full of books and me touching the books to get the knowledge. I wanted to go to the stars more than anything because I felt I was one of them. Maybe next time.

R.A. - New Orleans

Past Life Regression Dallas

Past Life Regression
Life Between Lives
Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Information about Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Sessions

I offer several different Past Life Regression sessions as well as Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy. This page provides a description of the different sessions and additional information you need to decide which session is right for you.

For more information about scheduling a session in a location other than Dallas, please visit the scheduling page.

Past Life Regression
Quantum Healing Hypnosis,
What's The Difference?

Mark discusses Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. This is the same information he shares when clients call on the phone for more information about the different sessions.

Past Life Regression Discussion

Regardless of which session you decide to experience, we will spend some time talking before we begin, which is one reason these sessions may seem long. We'll talk about you and what you hope to get out of the session and should you decide to schedule the longer session, we'll go through your questions as well. We also spend time talking about the misconceptions of hypnosis, then after we discuss the Past Life Regression process, we're ready to begin the session.

Different Past Life Regression Sessions

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

This session is what I call the Extended Past Life Regression and it provides more depth of information than the Past Life Regression session.

Many people who contact me about Past Life Regression have questions and concerns and are interested in receiving answers to their questions. This session usually lasts 4-5 hours, though they have been known to go longer depending on the client and how many questions are brought to the session.

In this session we usually visit between 1 and 3 lifetimes, in fact the past life part of this session is exactly like the Past Life Regression session above. After we review the last lifetime, instead of emerging from hypnosis we will go through the process of connecting with your higher self, though I actually request to connect with your subconscious. At this point we connect with what some call the oversoul, higher self or higher consciousness to gain additional insight into the past life we visited as well as answers to any questions you have brought in for your session. This part we connect with is so big, so huge, that it knows the answers to everything.

Some people connect with their guide or spirit masters, much like the masters in Brian Weiss' book, Many Lives, Many Masters, to get answers to their questions. We may spend a few moments connecting with your guide if that is not who comes to answer your questions.

You will need to bring a list of questions to the session, as well as the cast of characters, 8-12 people who are or have been important in your life. This session is quite involved and I have found that usually when people contact me for a Past Life Regression session, it is more than just curiosity, so most people decide on this type of session. Like I said this one usually lasts about 4-5 hours and the fee for this session is $400.

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Past Life Regression

First there's the Past Life Regression session which usually lasts about 3 to 3.5 hours, though sometimes it may last a little longer. We will visit between 1 and 3 past lives and we spend some time exploring each lifetime, stopping at multiple time periods to find out who you were, visit several significant events and discover as much as we can about your life at that time.

We also have an opportunity to review the lifetime from a different perspective after you cross over at the end of each life. I have found that quite often problems that are brought forward from past lives tend to have something to do with how you died in that life. The process of reviewing your past life also involves discovering anything that you may be holding on to from the past life, and releasing it if that is appropriate. Often this involves a promise or contract that we made due to specific circumstances in that life. These contracts may be creating problems in the current life that can be resolved by exploring the situation. In addition, we are able to discover talents and abilities from your past life and it is possible to bring them forward into your current life.

After you emerge from hypnosis we review the entire session. I ask that you bring along a cast of characters as well, a list of 8-12 people who are or have been important in your life. Again this session lasts about 3 to 3.5 hours and the cost is $280.

Life Between Lives

The Life Between Lives (LBL) session starts with a short visit to your most recent Past Life (some people will go to another past life, and that is fine), then we move on to the spirit world, which is the LBL experience.

There are different stops during the LBL, some people go to all of them, others go to most of them and some check out other stops that are not always visited. We usually start the visit to the spirit world by some form of greeting or welcome home. Either your guide or some of those from your soul group or both may be there to greet you. This may begin at the death scene, as you ascend to the spirit world or when you arrive in the spirit world.

This is typically followed by a debriefing with the guide, a discussion about the life you just lived and how you did in terms of your goals and lessons in that life. Then we visit several other stops, but not always in this order. We visit your friends, which Michael Newton calls the Soul Group, and have an opportunity to interact with those who are there. It's possible for some people who are still with you in your current life to show up here since part of our soul always remains behind in the spirit world even when we are incarnated in a physical body.

We spend some time with the Council (Michael calls them the Council, the Council of Elders or a Group of Wise Beings) and get their take on how you are doing in this life, how you did in the past life and how your soul is doing in terms of learning it's lessons. I also take some time to ask the council to answer any questions you have brought with you.

There may be some other places that we visit such as a library, a place of learning and a healing chamber are not uncommon places to visit. As the visit to the spirit world draws to a close, we visit the place of body selection. This is where you'll be able to learn about about the process of selecting your body before coming into your current life. Some people start the LBL with a rejuvenation process, if that is what the souls needs after the past lifetime.

During the council visit, they may decide to show you parts of another past life that they feel is important to you. I have even had someone ask if they lived at a specific time, and then request to go check out that lifetime during the visit with the council, so we had the opportunity to explore a different past life as part of the LBL experience.

It is extremely important to start with a Past Life Regression session before scheduling the Life Between Lives session. During the LBL you will explore a past life briefly. However, a separate Past Life Regression will help you become familiar with the concept of traveling back in time to earlier memories and is the best possible way to prepare for your soul’s experiences in previous lives.

I feel that everyone is worthy of a deep, powerful and profound Life Between Lives experience. Starting with a Past Life Regression session first will provide an LBL experience that will be all it can be. It allows offers assurance to confirm that the superconscious can be accessed and that you can travel beyond your current incarnation.

Starting with a Past Life Regression will help you and your LBL practitioner uncover patterns you that can be explored during the Life Between Lives session.

For those who have already experienced a past life regression with someone else and do not see me for a past life session before the LBL the fee is $550. For those who see me for a past life regression before the LBL, the fee is $500.

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To find out more about Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, please visit these pages:

Past Life Regression

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Life Between Lives

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How Real and Effective is Past Life Regression Therapy?

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Start with a Skype Past Life Regression if you are out of town to prepare for the Life Between Lives session in person. If you are interested in sponsoring me at your location, please let me know.

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