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Past Life Regression

I have listened to the recording of my session and you're right, I didn't remember everything. I mentioned I used a medium before but I'm going to learn now to listen to them, they have always been talking to me thru sensations and I didn't know it was them. I feel very blessed. I felt at home being under hypnosis.

S.A. - Addison

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Past Life Regression

Looking forward to another session with you in the relatively near future. Thanks again for all you do. Oh, did I say how very patient you are during a session, waiting to get a response and asking in another way when one is not forthcoming...it obviously takes a special talent for that, you are very blessed with it. Your questions and willingness to wait for a response make the session so much better than it might have been otherwise.

T.E. - Rogers, AR

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Past Life Regression

I really enjoyed the group regression. I was surprised that even in a group environment I was able to relax and get into a light hypnotic state where I accessed impressions of a past life. Mark was very patient and gave of his time and energy.

D.B. - New Orleans

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Past Life Regression

First of all, I want to say, thank you very much! You are so very skilled in your profession as a Past Life Regression Therapist and you conduct the sessions with such compassion and thoughtful preparation. The fact that you are a certified hypnotherapist appealed to me and you are so very spiritual as well, and open to calling in any and all spiritual assistance in the process is a special gift.

B.L. - Dallas

Past Life Regression Training

Past Life Regression Certificationn
Dallas and Phoenix Past Life Training
Become a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist.
Learn Regression to Childhood, Womb and Past Lives.

Past Life Regression Training in Dallas and Phoenix

Hello, my name is Mark Johnson and I am a Second Generation Hypnotherapist. I grew up in from Charleston, S.C. and now I live in Dallas, Texas. I am a Certified Master Trainer in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. My Past Life Regresion Therapy Training can earn you a Specialty Certification in Past Life Regression with IACT, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. This class is approved by The Newton Institute for their Life Between Lives Training. It also qualifies for Contuning Education with most hypnotherapy organizations.

Actually, I am also a Second Generation Past Life Regression Therapist as well. I had the opportunity to watch my father guide friends and family back to explore their past lives starting in the mid 1960's. When I developed an interest in hypnosis my father began encouraging me to teach hypnosis. Here I am teaching again. I taught music for 12 years. This was presented in a class format as I taught children and adults to play piano, keyboard and organ. Instead of teaching music I now teach Hypnotherapy Certification and Past Life Regression Certification Classes.

Past Life Regression Training
Past Life Regression Certification
Dallas and Phoenix Locations

60 Hour Past Life Regression Course
45 Hours Classroom/15 Hours Experiential

  • Age Regression
  • Regression to the Womb
  • Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regression Training in Dallas and Phoenix

Phoenix Past Life Regression Training starts Oct 2, 2018
Dallas Past Life Regression Training starts Oct 30, 2019

This Past Life Regression Certification Training is now available in Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. I began traveling to a variety of locations to offer Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy sessions in 2010. When I began teaching Hypnotherapy in 2011 and Past Life Regression in 2012 I realized that I could also teach these classes in a variety of locations as well.

The Good Vibes Hypnosis Past Life Regression Therapy Training is different than other Past Life classes. One difference is that prior training in Hypnotherapy is required to qualify for this training. Other programs open the doors to anyone who has an interest in learning to guide people to visit their past lives. One limitation of this policy is that additional time is required to teach the basic of hypnosis, and that takes away from class time that can be used to learn more advanced processes that provide more of a therapeutic experience for the client.

In this five day Past Life Regression program you will have the opportunity to explore, develop and refine the skills required to safely and successfully guide your clients into their past as they recover memories from earlier times in their current life, the womb and past lives. We will explore techniques and processes that allow your clients to connect with spirit guides, angels and higher self in this advanced Past Life Regression Training.

This Past Life Regression Therapy Training includes live demonstrations as well as the opportunity to experience what you learn from both sides of the experience. The supervised practice sessions between students provide a powerful learning experience whether you are experiencing or facilitating regression to the childhood, worm or past lives. We usually have enough time to explore regression to the childhood, the womb and 2 past lives as both the client and the therapist.

Your tuition includes a detailed manual with a variety of effective scripts for regression as well as special inductions and deepening techniques that work well with regression. When you complete the in class training and submit written and recorded documentation of 3 regression sessions you will qualify for the Certification as a Past Life Regression Therapist.

Learn induction and deepening techniques required for regression therapy.

  • Develop the advanced regression skills that insure success
  • Experience your own womb regression and past life regressions
  • Conduct womb and past life regressions
  • Learn to recognize more therapeutic opportunities
  • Regress to and anchor positive memories
  • Explore sacred contracts, promises and agreements
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Supervised Experientials
  • Detailed Manual with Scripts
  • Advanced Certification with completion of case work

Mark is a Second Generation Hypnotherapist as well as a Second generation Past life Regression Therapist. His depth of knowledge has been acquired through a combination of training with the most well respected Past Life and Life Between Lives Therapists and his extensive experience facilitating these sessions.

This Hypnotherapy Training is presented by Good Vibes Hypnosis Center which is not licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Good Vibes Hypnosis Center has received an exemption from TWC, E-4434, and is allowed to teach this class in Dallas.

Past Life Regression Training in Dallas and Phoenix

Phoenix Past Life Regression Training

Dallas Past Life Regression Training

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Hypnotherapy Training in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, New orleans and Atlanta

Now is the time for you to learn about

Advanced Past Life Regression Certification
Dallas and Phoenix Locations

Past Life Regression Specialty Certification
International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Phoenix Past Life Regression Training

Dallas Past Life Regression Training

Hypnotherapy Training is Required to Enroll in this

Past Life Regression Training

Give me a call at 214-432-6624 for more information about this program.

Learn Past Life Regression in Dallas, Texas or Phoenix, Arizona with this exciting Past Life Regression Certification training and begin guiding people back to their past lifetimes. The class includes Age Regression, Regression to the Womb as well as Past Life Regression.

Our students travel to study with us in Dallas and Phoenix. We have had students from Northern California as well as Southern California. Good Vibes Hypnosis Past Life Regression students have come form Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizonia, New Mexico and North Dakota. Our Dallas Past Life Regression training has attracted people from Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia as well as various parts of Texas.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

Good Vibes Past Life Regression Training

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Alchemy Institute

International Association of
Counselors and Therapists

Director of Operations for
The Michael Newton Institute
for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

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