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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I stumbled across Mark when looking for a hypnotherapist. He is very professional and detailed. He makes you feel comfortable and isn't judgemental. I highly recommend him.

C.P. - Miami

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I highly recommend Mark Johnson to anyone considering a past life regression. His style is both laid-back and intense in all the right places. I never felt rushed and always felt fully relaxed and safe with Mark. He does everything in his power to ensure his client walks away with a successful outcome. Mark Johnson has the experience and compassion to make your regression a positive, unforgettable experience.

B.B. - Houston

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

The session with Mark was simply amazing. I highly recommend it. I am rather private with my experience but it far exceeded my expectations. I will do it again.

J.L. - Houston

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Very experienced hypnotherapist, i felt extremely comfortable the entire time and gained some much needed insight on my life.

J.A. - Houston

Group Past Life Regression

Explore Your Past, Change Your Future!

The Next Group Regression is May 21, 2024 at 7 pm Central

Group Regression!
Limited Availability


Group Past Life Regression

Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon and Brian Weiss are no longer available for private Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives sessions. Dr Weiss is still alive, though Michael and Dolores have crossed over.

Second Generation Past Life Regression Therapist Mark V Johnson had the opportunity to train with them all! In addition, he also learned a great deal from his father, his peers and he continues to learn from his clients and students.

Group Past Life Regression

The Group Past Life Regression session can be a very interesting experience, though it is not as thorough as a private one on one session. I offer Group Past Life Regression sessions 3-4 times a year, so it migh tbe awhile before the next one comes around!

Some people want to stick their toe in the water and start with a group regression. On the other hand, I have had former clients return for these sessions to explore different past lives than the ones they explored in their one on one sessions.

My clients in Dallas not only refer family and friends, they are also returning for additional sessions in order to gain additional insights. Perhaps you know someone who is on the fence about experiencing a Past Life Regression, this is a way they can explore the experience when they attend the Group Past Life Regression.

Group Regression!
Limited Availability

You may have been to a Group Regression before, but a this Group Regression is a unique experience and is not to be missed. While there is no one on one interaction with the group, I have discovered interesting ways to work in this format to help you get the most out of the group regression. I am guided by my intuition to make changes along the way, often someone in th egroup makes a comment about the positive impact of that part of the session.

The more you experience connecting with spirit and connecting with past lives, the more information you get. My clients who have had multiple sessions have experienced incredible changes in their lives as they have found it easy to connect with guides and angels for assistance in their lives.

In April 2015 a person attending one of my group regressions experienced a powerful healing when he made the connection between drowning in a past life and his asthma. He released the effects of that past life and is no longer experiencing the typical symptoms of asthma.

To get started with the Group Regression, we'll spend a little time discussing the process which includes talking about hypnosis and past life, which is important for those who have never been hypnotized before. Then we continue with one or more warm ups before getting into the Group Regression Experience. Some people may go right to a Past Life during the warm up, and that's OK.

I never know exactly what we'll be doing until we get started. Sometimes I start with a couple of happy enjoyable childhood memories before going to the womb and one or more past lives. Other times we jump right into past lives and can often connect with 2 or more lifetimes.

It's not uncommon for me to spend extra time in the womb if I sense that someone in the group needs some healing around that time. There is a process I enjoy sharing during the womb experience that many clients have said was the most healing part of the entire session.

When we make it to the past life, I'll help you navigate thru the experience to find what you need to know about your past life. Just like I do in one on one sessions, I include a very thorough review of the life after you have crossed over at the end of the life.

The Group Regression Experience is about 2-2.5 hours in length, and that includes the brief talk at the beginning and an opportunity for sharing what you experienced afterwards, if you would like to do so. Sharing is encouraged, but not required. Be sure to bring a pad or notebook along with a pen so you can make notes about your experience afterwards.

During the initial talk, I'll share my own group regression experience when one of our Past Life Regression students was guiding the class in a Group Regression back in 2015.

The Group Regression is held over Zoom. All the details on connecting to Zoom for the Group Past Life Regression will be provided in your confirmation email after you sign up for the session. Be sure to check your inbox for the confirmation, if it's not there check spam, junk or promo folders for the confirmation.

If have decided that you would prefer to schedule a one on one session, watch the video on the schedule page for session descriptions of the Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. The next step is to Schedule Your FREE Consultation then schedule your online one on one Past Life Regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. You can give me a call at 214-432-6624, though scheduling the free consultation is usually the best way to get in touch.

Join me for an evening of awakening to a fuller life than you imagined! Move forward with more knowledge and confidence. Explore Your Past and Change Your Future!

Group Regression!
Limited Availability

Group Past Life Regression

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Benefits of Past Life Regression

Sessions with Mark have helped thousands of clients to access past lives that are often responsible for physical and emotional challenges in their life today. Drowning in a past life can lead to allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues. Pain in the current life is often a result of an injury in a past life. It is not uncommon for this to be connected with the way the past life self died.

Emotional challenges can also be based in a past life. Loss of a loved one in a past life can be responsible for loneliness or a lack of interest in having a close relationship. Past lives as a soldier or warrior often result in stress, anxiety, panic attacks and even PTSD in the current life.

By assisting his clients to explore the most appropriate past life, Mark has been able to help them learn about the root cause of their physical and emotional challenges. Once the root cause is discovered, Mark helps his clients release the effects of the past life experience on the current life. The result provides physical and emotional healing in the current life that just can't be healed in any other way.

Training in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

While Mark specializes in what he calls Spiritual Regression, he also has taught his Hypnotherapy Training in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Nashville and Atlanta. Mark also teaches Past Life Regression Training as well. Since 2020, Mark has been teaching exclusively online, and that means people who would never be able to attend his classes have been able to attend online. Discover more about the next Live Interactive Online Good Vibes Hypnosis Training.

Past Life Regression Training

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Past Life Regression Live Online Over Zoom

Are You Ready for Past Life Regression Hypnosis?
  • Do you feel that you have a curiosity in terms of exploring your past lives, a curiosity that is almost an obsession?
  • Is there a particular period in history that fascinates you?
  • Have you ever had a Déjà Vu moment upon visiting a particular location for no particular reason?
  • Do you recall dreams that seem to be set in the past, dreams that seemed so real there is no way they could be fantasy?
  • Are there any persistent health or physical challenges in your life that your doctor is unable to explain?
  • Are you experiencing challenges with relationships or find that you have an unexplainable bond with someone you know?

These are just some of the points of discussion I have with my clients when they contact me about Online Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

My name is Mark V Johnson, welcome to my world of Spiritual Hypnosis and my site where I share a great deal of information about the different types of sessions I offer. In the past I traveled to various locations around the country. Now I work Online over Zoom with people cross the country and around the world.

You may be interested in discovering more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression if they are new to you.

For more information about Past Life Regression and to stay up to date on my availability, be sure to check back often or sign up for our Past Life Regression Newsletter and we'll be sure to keep you updated on our upcoming classes and other events.

Now is the time for you to explore your past with hypnosis and

Past Life Regression

To find out more about Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, please visit these pages on my website:

Past Life Regression

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Or if you like you can give me a call at 214-432-6624. The best way to reach me these days is to Schedule Your FREE Consultation to help you feel good when you Schedule Your Past ife Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis or Life Between Lives session.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

The Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Alchemy Institute

International Association of
Counselors and Therapists

Certified Life Between Lives Therapist

Life Between Lives Instructor and

Former Director of Operations for

The Newton Institute

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