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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I did a Past Life Regression with Mark. I purposely waited a few weeks to allow the good things that happened in my session to integrate and others to come forward. I became a Christian at an early age, so reincarnation was not part of my life. Through my awakening, I knew that a PLR was something that I needed to break free and continue my spiritual journey. I always had a fear of water and never chose to swim. I avoided water or stayed in the very shallow end. Seeing movies or pictures of a person submerged was frightening so I would avoid that as well. During my PLR, Mark helped me to go back in my past life where I had drowned. It was not the only time that I had drown in a past life, but it was the first instance. Mark helped me walk through processing the whole event from the past life and into my current life. I have had such a remarkable change in the underlying element of fear that had always been close to the surface. I have a new found strength in voicing my truth and in moving forward in what my personal journey is, not slowing down to hear what object

Diana J - California

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Destiny of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

My session with Mark was awesome. I feel that since my past life regression i have been more connected to myself than ever before. I feel that my intuition has grown and I can trust it. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me and I'm more stress and anxiety free. This experience was so interesting and I recommend everyone to try it out.

A.B. - Dallas

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I recently had a session with Mark for Past Life Regression and while I am still processing the information I received, I can report that the experience had a profound effect on me. After spending a considerable amount of time educating me on the process and learning about my expectations for the session, Mark was able to take me into an incredibly relaxed hypnotic state very quickly and with ease. After recalling pleasant childhood memories from this lifetime, we visited two of past lives where I was able to gain insight into the possible influences from those lifetimes that have impacted my current lifetime. Mark also helped me identify my guides and connect specifically with one guide that I am now able to comfortably connect with anytime. During the session, Mark helped me release recurring feelings of guilt and shame that I believe carried over from a past life, as well as emotions that may be the root cause of recurring physical pain from migraines. The self-hypnosis guide that Mark left me with has proved useful already and he made the recording of our

C.S. - Dallas

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

After less than positive experience with another practitioner I thought that I was unable to regress to a past life, but Mark proved the opposite! I had very productive 5 hours session in Houston with Mark and can confirm that he has amazing skills to put you into the hypnosis state within few minutes and walk you through your childhood memories to your past reincarnations. The session had very therapeutic effect on me. Finally I can connect all the dots. I got the knowledge where the issues are coming from and what needs to be done to resolve them. For me it is very valuable to get to know myself and my personal history better. As valuable bonus to the session I got tips how to do self hypnosis and how to communicate with my Spirit Guide on regular basis. I highly recommend Mark to anybody who is interested in having a Past Life Regression experience. I am very excited to do Life between lives session during his next visit to Houston.

C.A. - Houston

Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Highly recommend Mark for past life therapy! I found the process very enlightening!

M.G. - Houston

Improve Relationships As You Heal Connections with QHHT

Improve Relationships As You Heal Connections with QHHT

Relationships are the mirrors of our inner worlds, reflecting our thoughts, emotions, and patterns. They can be sources of joy, love, and fulfillment, but they can also be challenging, confusing, and painful. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) offers a unique approach to understanding and improving relationships, facilitating healing, growth, and deeper connections with others.

Imagine a garden filled with beautiful flowers, each representing a relationship in your life. Some flowers bloom vibrantly, while others may be wilting or tangled in weeds. QHHT is like a gentle gardener, helping you tend to this garden, nurturing the blossoms, and clearing the obstacles that hinder growth.

Through QHHT sessions, you explore the subconscious mind, uncovering patterns and dynamics that shape your relationships. You may discover past life connections with loved ones, or understand the root causes of conflicts and misunderstandings. With the guidance of skilled Quantum Healing practitioners, you gain insights that empower you to heal, grow, and cultivate more harmonious connections.

The process of improving relationships through QHHT is not about blame or judgment; it's about understanding, compassion, and transformation. It's about recognizing the roles you play, the expectations you carry, and the ways you can enhance communication, trust, and love.

The experience of healing relationships with QHHT is profound and rewarding. It's like mending a broken bridge, reconnecting with loved ones on a deeper level. It's a journey towards empathy, forgiveness, and mutual respect, enriching your life with warmth and satisfaction.

The benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis extend to all types of relationships, whether romantic, familial, friendships, or professional. By understanding yourself and others, you create a space for growth, collaboration, and joy. You become a conscious participant in your relationships, actively creating connections that nourish your soul.

Now is the time to nurture the garden of your relationships Are you eager to heal, connect, and thrive with the people in your life? Take the first step towards improving your relationships when you Schedule Your QHHT Session with Mark and take the first step towards liberation.

Your relationships are precious; they are the threads that weave the fabric of your life. With QHHT, you have the tools to mend, strengthen, and beautify these connections. Embrace the opportunity to grow with your loved ones, to understand and be understood, to love and be loved. Let QHHT guide you to a life filled with meaningful, harmonious relationships, a life that resonates with the deepest desires of your heart.

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Skype and Zoom Past Life Regression

Maybe you were looking for Quantum Healing Hypnosis near me. Your physical location does not matter, Zoom and Skype Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives sessions are just as safe and just as effective as an in person session. It's more about the training and experience of the herapist than it is about online or in person. In fact, online can be better because you are not limited to the practitioners in your local area. You can find a Past Life Regression Therapist with more knowledge and experience when you have a larger selection of people to choose from. Now that you are here, you no longer need to find a Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapist.

These days when I work online, I guide my clients to past lives over Zoom. I still have Skype somewhere, but I prefer to work with Zoom these days. When you decide to experience a Zoom Quantum Healing Hypnosis session you can

Go ahead, get in touch with Mark to discover more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis. What better way to learn the Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis than to experience a QHHT session? Due to his busy schedule, the best way to get in touch is to Schedule a FREE Consultation, so that you can find out more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis. You have read this far, you have made the decision that you want to have a powerful Quantum Healing Hypnosis Experience, so schedule your FREE Consultation so that you can find out more about this opportunity to work with a well trained, knowledgeable and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist when you experience your Zoom Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

The Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Alchemy Institute

International Association of
Counselors and Therapists

Certified Life Between Lives Therapist

Life Between Lives Instructor and

Former Director of Operations for

The Newton Institute

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