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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I learned more about myself in 3 hours that I did in 30 years of therapy. If you want to get something out of it, you will. Recommended.

L.G. - Oklahoma

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Mark is amazing, patient, and kind! If you've never experienced a past life regression, you should book Mark today! It will be a great first experience. I discovered some patterns from my past life that are still current today. So now that I'm aware, I won't be making those mistakes again. Thanks Mark!

Wooly - New Orleans

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Thank you so Much Mark for the session yesterday. It was very powerful. I loved putting the filter in the cord between me and my mother while in the womb!!! The clearing you did was strongly felt by me then and now. This morning I am very aware of the removal of my block!!!!! Hightly recommend you!

R.S. - Charleston

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I highly recommend Mark Johnson to anyone considering a past life regression. His style is both laid-back and intense in all the right places. I never felt rushed and always felt fully relaxed and safe with Mark. He does everything in his power to ensure his client walks away with a successful outcome. Mark Johnson has the experience and compassion to make your regression a positive, unforgettable experience.

B.B. - Houston

Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Highly recommend Mark for past life therapy! I found the process very enlightening!

M.G. - Houston

Enhanced Clarity in Relationships Through Past Life Regression

Enhanced Clarity in Relationships Through Past Life Regression

Chiseling Away the Marble of the Self

Relationships are intricate tapestries woven with the threads of emotions, experiences, and, sometimes, mysteries. Past Life Regression (PLR) offers a unique lens to view and understand these tapestries, particularly when our connections with others feel intensely profound or inexplicably challenging. By exploring the patterns and histories we share with significant others across various lifetimes, PLR provides enhanced clarity, illuminating the nature of our bonds.

Delving into Shared Histories

Imagine each PLR session as a journey through time, unraveling the threads of relationships that have spanned lifetimes. You may discover a soulmate who has been a consistent presence in many lives, each time playing a different role in your story. Or you might find that a current challenging relationship was once a source of great learning and growth in a past life. Understanding these dynamics can transform your perception of these relationships in your current life, offering a sense of peace and purpose.

The Role of Multiple Regressions

The richness of our relationships is often too complex to be fully grasped in a single session. Multiple regressions allow for a deeper exploration of the labyrinth of your shared histories. Each session builds upon the previous one, shedding more light on your connections, and revealing the roles you and others have played in the grand drama of your souls' journeys.

Progressive Insights and Healing

This journey through past relationships is not just about gaining insights; it's about healing. By understanding the karmic ties and lessons embedded in your relationships, you can release old patterns, forgive, and move forward with greater empathy and understanding. It’s a progressive path where each step brings more clarity and healing, deepening your connections and enriching your life.

Transforming Relationships with Understanding

As you peel back the layers of your past connections, you may find your current relationships transforming. With newfound understanding comes a change in how you interact, perceive, and feel about those around you. This transformation is often gradual, mirroring the journey of multiple regressions, each session contributing to a deeper understanding and a more profound change.

An Invitation to Explore and Transform

If you’re intrigued by the deeper meanings of your relationships and wish to explore the soulful connections that transcend your current lifetime, PLR offers a pathway to these discoveries. Each session can be a step deeper into the story of your soul and those with whom it has danced through time. Embrace this journey of soulful reunions and profound connections. Reach out to begin or continue your exploration through PLR and to pave the way for the deeper spiritual insights that Quantum Healing Hypnosis can provide.

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Zoom Past Life Regression Sessions

Perhaps you are looking for Past Life Regression near me. No matter where you are located, please be aware that Zoom and Skype Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives sessions are just as safe and just as effective as in person sessions. In fact it can be even better because you are not limited to Past Life Regression Practitioners near me. You can find a Past Life Regression Therapist with more knowledge and experience when you have a larger selection of Past LIfe Regressionists to choose from. Now that you are here, you no longer need to find a Past Life Regression Therapist near me, you can work remotely over Zoom from anywhere in the world.

These days when I work online, I work with clients over Zoom. I still have Skype somewhere, but I prefer to work with Zoom these days. It does not mastter if you are physically near me, your Past Life Regression Near Me session can be experienced anywhere you have an internet connection. When you decide to experience a Zoom Past Life Regression session you can

Go ahead, get in touch with Mark to discover more about Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. What better way to learn the Benefits of Past Life Regression than to experience a Past Life session? Due to my busy schedule, the best way to get in touch is to Schedule a FREE Consultation, so that you can find out more about Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. You have read this far, you have made the decision that you want to have a powerful Past Life Regression Experience, so schedule your FREE Consultation so that you can find out more about this opportunity to work with a well trained, knowledgeable and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist when you experience your Zoom Past Life Regression session.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

The Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Alchemy Institute

International Association of
Counselors and Therapists

Certified Life Between Lives Therapist

Life Between Lives Instructor and

Former Director of Operations for

The Newton Institute

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