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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Great experience! Mark is very knowledgeable, kind and made me feel very relaxed ! It has definitely been something that has changed my Life in a very Positive way! Will be doing more sessions!

D.L. - Denton

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I wasn't sure I believed in past lives - but having trained and practiced in the medical field for two decades, I was certain this was beyond traditional medicine's current scope... I was experiencing symptoms obtained too early in my development to ever address on a therapy couch. Mark Johnson is as masterful as an elite surgeon - I felt comfortable and in control the entire session, as he teased out the source of the issue and initiated healing by reframing. Don't hesitate, the most powerful you can do for yourself is to "KNOW THYSELF."

T.H. - Houston

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Mark truly has a gift! I wasn't sure what to expect but before we even got started he explained everything. We talked and built a trust that he was the right person to guide me. I've never experienced anything like this in my life. I went in for a past life and my soul came forward and wanted to be heard. There were questions I had and areas that I needed clarity and honestly I needed the experience. I needed to know that it's not all in my head and there is so much more to learn! This has completely changed my life. I recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE to do this. You will never be the same again!

M.H. - Houston

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Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

I worked with Mark on a Past Life Regression and I have to say that it was an AMAZING experience. He was kind and patient with explaining and during the experience he went the extra mile and added in several healing exercises that I didn't even know that I needed. I'm writing this review the morning after and already life feels very different. I am grateful for the light of his work. Thank you is an understatement. Many blessings.

Q.S. - Houston

Past Life Review

5-Star Google Review

Highly recommend Mark for past life therapy! I found the process very enlightening!

M.G. - Houston

Deepening Connections with Spirit Guides Through Hypnotherapy, PLR, and QHHT

Deepening Connections with Spirit Guides Through Hypnotherapy, PLR, and QHHT

Laying the Groundwork with Hypnotherapy

The journey into the depths of your soul and the realms of past lives and spiritual dimensions is profound and transformative. This journey often begins with the foundational step of a hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy prepares the mind for the deeper explorations of Past Life Regression (PLR) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), creating a fertile ground for meaningful connections with your spirit guides.

Initiating the Dialogue with Spirit Guides

Hypnotherapy serves as the initial step in tuning your mind to the frequencies of higher consciousness and spiritual communication. It helps in establishing the initial connection with your spirit guides, making you more receptive to their presence and messages. This preparation is crucial as it sets the tone for a deeper, more focused exploration in subsequent PLR and QHHT sessions.

Strengthening Bonds through PLR and QHHT

Once the groundwork is laid, PLR and QHHT sessions take you further into this journey. Frequent contact with spirit guides during these sessions reinforces their messages and guidance. Over time, this continuous interaction allows you to form a stronger bond and a deeper trust in their wisdom. Each session becomes a conversation, a building block in a relationship of trust and understanding with your guides.

The Benefits of Progressive Sessions

The journey of connecting with your spirit guides is deepened with each session. Starting with hypnotherapy, progressing through PLR, and culminating in QHHT, each step offers a layer of interaction and understanding. This progressive nature of sessions ensures a more profound and lasting connection with your spirit guides, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Transformative Insights and Guidance

Through this journey, you gain transformative insights and guidance from your spirit guides. These insights can illuminate your life path, help resolve present challenges, and provide comfort and reassurance. The guidance received can be a source of profound wisdom, helping you navigate life with a sense of purpose and clarity.

An Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Connection

If you are seeking a deeper connection with your spirit guides, consider starting your journey with a hypnotherapy session. Let this be the first step in a transformative journey through PLR and QHHT, deepening your understanding and bond with your guides. Each session is an opportunity to enhance this connection, to learn and grow under the guidance of your spiritual mentors. Reach out to begin this journey of deep spiritual connection and embark on a path of discovery, guidance, and enlightenment.

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Zoom Past Life Regression Sessions

Perhaps you are looking for Past Life Regression near me. No matter where you are located, please be aware that Zoom and Skype Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives sessions are just as safe and just as effective as in person sessions. In fact it can be even better because you are not limited to Past Life Regression Practitioners near me. You can find a Past Life Regression Therapist with more knowledge and experience when you have a larger selection of Past LIfe Regressionists to choose from. Now that you are here, you no longer need to find a Past Life Regression Therapist near me, you can work remotely over Zoom from anywhere in the world.

These days when I work online, I work with clients over Zoom. I still have Skype somewhere, but I prefer to work with Zoom these days. It does not mastter if you are physically near me, your Past Life Regression Near Me session can be experienced anywhere you have an internet connection. When you decide to experience a Zoom Past Life Regression session you can

Go ahead, get in touch with Mark to discover more about Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. What better way to learn the Benefits of Past Life Regression than to experience a Past Life session? Due to my busy schedule, the best way to get in touch is to Schedule a FREE Consultation, so that you can find out more about Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. You have read this far, you have made the decision that you want to have a powerful Past Life Regression Experience, so schedule your FREE Consultation so that you can find out more about this opportunity to work with a well trained, knowledgeable and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist when you experience your Zoom Past Life Regression session.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

The Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Alchemy Institute

International Association of
Counselors and Therapists

Certified Life Between Lives Therapist

Life Between Lives Instructor and

Former Director of Operations for

The Newton Institute

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